A blatant attempt to ridicule Tottenham again

I suppose one should never be surprised by the way the media contrives to sell a story, but the way Harry Redknapp’s words have been twisted this morning is another blatant attempt to make the club something of a laughing stock. Rival club’s supporters are already having a giggle at our expense on their respective forums as we apparently see ourselves as title contenders for next season.

It is not often I find myself applauding the Express, but at least they had the decency to report his actual quotes. Harry believes that Tottenham can challenge for the title, providing that he is able to bring in four world class players to complement the current squad.

Redknapp said: “If I went out now and brought in the four players I wanted from anywhere, we would win the title. If we went out and bought four world-class players, no matter what the price, we would have a fantastic chance.” Daily Express

Quite a different story I’ll think you agree, yet I suppose it doesn’t make for as interesting a headline or story that the journalists in Fleet Street crave, as they attempt to sell their shoddy papers. Print rubbish and move onto the next one seems to be the underlying theme of British Journalism these days; it’s just a shame that we are the ones who have fallen victim to it this time.

I know I should get so uptight about it, but unfortunately when you have to work in an office where nobody reads beyond the headline, or look at what was actually said. I thought the days of Tottenham fans getting ridiculed as a result of the media’s tripe was a thing of the past; it appears the past few months have proven to be a false dawn.

Written By Matt Wright

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