A blessing in disguise with Wayne Rooney?

Is Wayne Rooney’s recent injury a blessing in disguise for Capello and England?

The Manchester United and England striker has been bagging goals for fun this season. Rooney has made 30 appearances in the premiership to date, in which he has netted 26 times, something quite remarkable to say the very least.

The United forward injured himself at the Allianz Arena, when Manchester United travelled to Germany for their UEFA champions league quarter final first-leg encounter with Bayern Munich. It was in the last remaining minutes of the match where the England international landed ineptly on his ankle sending shockwaves all the way back home to Alex Ferguson, Fabio Capello and England fans alike.

Despite the injury, Wayne felt he was able to play the remaining fixtures left on the Manchester United schedule, and help the club lift the premiership title come the end of the season… this however looks very doubtful for Wayne.

Any football fan will know that Wayne Rooney loves to play football, and I can bet my mortgage (if I had one) that the striker will be disappointed not to finish off what has been a superb year for him.

Speaking to Sky Sports earlier today, Wayne Rooney vented his disappointment at being injured in the latter stages of the season:

“I’m pleased to have done well in a World Cup year but it’s been a difficult last couple of months injury-wise. I’m disappointed to have missed a couple of games over the last few weeks.”

The Manchester United talisman looks almost certain to miss the last two games of the season, but is this a good sign for Fabio Capello and most notably England in whole?

“No one likes watching football if you’re a player, it’s difficult knowing you can’t influence the game. It’s frustrating. But if there’s any consolation I’ll probably be fresher for the World Cup, which will be good for me.”

Wayne Rooney suggests that he will be ‘fresher for the world cup’ now that he is out with the injury…how on earth does he know or us fans know this is true or not?

Well, in order to answer this question you have to take in the positives and negatives from the situation at hand. Yes the player is injured, and as a result won’t be playing anymore competitive football for the remainder of the season, which means no further damage to an on-going injury, but, what will this do for his general fitness? I’m not saying that the man will suddenly lose all of his ability, but surely match fitness will come into effect come World Cup time?

My theory is that, in order to play well you have to be playing week in week out for your domestic club, no doubt about it. At this point I’m guessing that many reading this will say ‘hold on mate, he’s already played 42 games, that’s enough don’t you think?’ Well it is enough, and I agree with you, but if you’re a player who has been in sensational form throughout the season, you would surely want to end it the way you started it right?

Out of the two managers (Fergie and Capello) Capello will be the happiest for sure. He knows now that his star man will have up to 2 months of rest, healing and even prepare for the world cup finals in June.

Wayne should be elated at what he has accomplished this season, He was awarded the 09/10 PFA player of the year award recently (congratulations Wayne), His team may clinch the title (only time will tell) and despite his injury, may also collect the domestic golden boot if all goes to plan.

It almost seems that this is a blessing in disguise for Wayne Rooney, Capello and England fans in general, but nobody knows, all we can do now is hope and pray that things go right up until the world cup begins.

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