Player Power killing the very fabric of the modern game

Manchester City manager Roberto ManciniAfter watching Carlos Tevez’ public attack on Roberto Mancini last weekend, it is no suprise that people are turning away from the game. What right do players have to berate their managers when they leave the field? It is totally unacceptable and needs to be stamped out of the game. What do players want from their managers? Do players truly believe that they know better, or is it just a lack of respect?

The worst thing about it is, what the managers have to say after an incident. After many similar incidents, the manager has to come out and say the usual – I like my players to be passionate and they all want to play football. On Saturday Roberto Mancini towed the line.

‘I am happy about what happened. I would like every player to be like Carlo and want to stay on the pitch, but I needed Balotelli on the pitch as he is taller.’

Managers are having to excuse their players behaviour and it needs to stop. There is no way that Roberto Mancini believes what he is saying, but because players are too powerful, and Carlos Tevez is too important his hands are tied. Mangers are the players bosses – not the other way round. If this continues, managers will become redundant in the game because players will always know best. Carlos Tevez is not the only one but it was a recent example of what is happening.

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How can managers and fans allow this to continue? It must be our responsibility to rein players in and not accept what is happening. If a player is substituted –  they do not have to like the managers decision but they must respect it. What kind of message does it send out to the player coming in their place. This lack of respect leads to one thing – less managers. If we have less managers in the game, our game diminishes.

The issue is that players know who they can and can’t attack. Could you imagine for one minute a player stepping out of line on the touchline with Arsene Wenger or Sir Alex Ferguson? It wouldn’t happen, because there is a level of respect their. With other managers – there is something more sinister behind it. They know that managers wont be their forever, and the players are becoming bigger than their boss. Just look at the wages that some of the players are on compared to managers. Are players flexing their muscles with managers that are not secure. Roberto Mancini couldn’t argue with Tevez – he had to tow the line. There is something not right in this situation.

Players need to accept that their bosses are their managers, not the other way round. There has been a shift in the last decade where players now believe they are the decision makers. This has to be changed sooner rather than later. All that is happening is our game is becoming a laughing stock and good managers are leaving football. This in balance has to change and it is up to the fans not to accept this kind of behaviour from our players.

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Article title: Player Power killing the very fabric of the modern game

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