A Final Pay Day For United’s Finest?

United veterans, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville are the target of a megabucks deal to play out their careers in the Middle East. Should they cash in?

The last couple of weeks fans and writers alike have lambasted footballers for the vast sums of money that they earn. Wayne Rooney and Yaya Toure have born the brunt of this. However, at the risk of contradicting myself, would fans really have an issue if Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville had one last final pay day and went to Dubai for their last season.

Top teams in the United Arab Emirates league are said to be keen to snap up fellow team mates Giggs, Scholes and Neville (who owns property in Dubai) whose contracts also expire next summer. Giggs, who at 36 isn’t getting any younger,has made a record 847 appearances for the club. Gary Neville, despite struggling with injuries over the last couple of years celebrated his 600th appearance for Manchester United last week against Stoke.

They have been loyal servants to Manchester United for two decades, Giggs himself turned down a huge money move to Inter Milan some years ago. Paul Scholes retired from international football to prolong his Manchester United career and Gary Neville has shown great commitment to Manchester United, even after injuries and losing the captaincy.

Do Manchester United’s title hopes rest on these three players any more. If they do, that has to be a worrying situation for Manchester United fans. The three will not be around for ever, and it is looking increasingly likely that they could retire in the next 18 months. They could all earn around £10 million for one season, is it too much for them to turn down.

However. Both Scholes and Giggs are very much key members of the Manchester United set up, and Sir Alex Ferguson would want to retain their services right up to their retirement date. Personally, I feel it would ruin their reputations if they were to leave in this way. They have maintained top standards throughout their carrer, playing at the top of one of the best leagues in the world, as well as the Champions League. Why would they put their legacy on the line to earn extra money. These three are the epitome of Manchester United. A world where these three legends of the game were tempted by money and not standards, is a horrific thought.

The problem is, they have earned the right to be selfish. My personal opinion is they should not even give this deal a second thought. The trio will always be United legends even if they were to move, but it would tarnish their reputation. Giggs, Scholes and Neville are what is good about football and Manchester United. For the sake of the game they shouldn’t go. They should retire where it started. Where their careers have flourished and where the fans adore them. Imagine the day they retire. They are walking around the pitch, waving at fans with David O’Leary and not Sir Alex Ferguson. It is not the way it should end. They should end by shedding a tear at the Stretford end with their families, that is what they have worked so hard for – not mountains of wealth.

Maybe they will leave and settle for one last pay day. The word respect is often thrown about too loosely in football, but fans across the world respect what these three have done. Why throw that all away for money, is it really worth it. The answer is no, but sometimes money can make even the best people act foolishly.

What do Manchester United fans as well as other fans think of these rumours. Leave your comments below on whether their reputations will be damaged if they were to move to Dubai.

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