A Football Agent’s View – ‘Inside the transfer window’

There is no question that Agents make the footballing world go round and at this time of the year, on the verge of the much vaunted transfer window, they are more important than ever. They will be the men behind every deal that’s made over the next month and whatever your opinion on them, they could be the difference between your club signing the player that catapults you to glory or condemns you to relegation.

Here we talk to football agent Simon Dent about how the transfer window works and what to expect over the coming weeks.

-Is it a myth that the January window is a bad time to do business – or just an excuse?

As an agent it allows us to focus our winter business but its not ideal. Prices are driven up and a false economy is unfortunately created. The one plus for clubs is that in January they can take a view on how the season is going and what they need to get them through until the end of the season.

-Is a January window actually good for football, or does it encourage panic buying?

I don’t think it helps the clubs but for the supporters its a month that provides excitement, hope and certainly in the last 24 hours a lot of entertainment.

-Which clubs are likely to be the most active in the January window?

This January I think that QPR, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Man City and Reading will be most active on the permanent moves

-Which deals are likely to happen in the January window?

The big moves I can see happening will involve Sturridge, Anelka, Sunzu, Zaha, Ince, Huddlestone, Ba, Walcott, Robbie Keane, Wanyama and Donovan. I imagine the total spending will hit around £50million with the majority of this being spent by 3-5 clubs.

-Who are the best bargains to pick up in the Premier League this January?

T Huddlestone, S Kalou, C Gordon, T Walcott, F Lampard and M Fellani will be be great additions to any clubs on the look out for a good deal in January.

-Will the loan market be the most active out of the two?

Not so much in the Premiership but I can see a lot of players from the Premiership being loaned to the Championship and the Championship to League One.

-What impact will the financial fair play rules have on the Premier League club’s spending?

Unfortunately I think these regulations may be toothless when crunch time comes. Clubs are already being very creative about incomes genreated so in answer to the question I don’t think spending will be curtailed at all.

Simon Dent is the Managing Director of ROAR Sport (www.roarglobalsports.com)


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