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A ‘generation beyond and more iconic than Arsenal’s’…hmm

Tottenhams-new-stadiumFootball FanCast guest columnist Todd Richards is amused at the spuds ambitious talks over a stadium that hasn’t even passed planning.

I have always believed that actions speak louder than words and why the spuds continue to crow about a stadium that has yet to be granted planning permission, I found their little outburst, or boast somewhat amusing and tantamount to the ‘my dad’s got a bigger car than yours’. I know I shouldn’t be surprised; they have always been a bunch of dreamers and why the realisation that they can’t get one over on us on a football pitch, it appears that a new stadium (despite being smaller) than ours is supposedly bigger and better.

“Our stadium will be as technologically advanced if not more so than any other in the world. It’s going to be as environmentally advanced as any than any other. And there will be some brands that want those kind of associations, that want top class football in a fantastic environment.”

“Our stadium, by the time it’s built is going to be a generation beyond Arsenal, so therefore it is going to be more advanced both technologically and environmentally.

“We think the uniqueness of our stadium will make it more iconic, than Arsenal’s. It’s a great stadium but we think ours will be better. So, going forward, I think we’ve got a very, very good proposition for people to look at.” (Daily Telegraph)

Oh well I guess after years of failure to succeed us, or actually get in the Champions League for that matter, supporters can now boast to us in the pubs and our workplaces that they will have a stadium that is going to be a generation beyond ours; well considering our stadium was designed some ten years before they actually execute theirs then it is hardly surprising, but if that makes them feel proud and the feeling they have one up on us then fine, I’m just wondering how they intend to achieve the small matter of ‘top class football in a fantastic environment’. Quite a big oversight in their prospectus and one that they may get pulled up on when the planning committee decide whether to grant them planning permission, or notJ.

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Article title: A ‘generation beyond and more iconic than Arsenal’s’…hmm

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