A like for like replacement for Modric…I beg to differ Robbie

Another January window and another David Beckham to Tottenham rumour is doing the rounds.

Don’t get me wrong I have a huge amount of admiration for the player and five years ago I would have welcome the opportunity to sign him, but this rumour is simply spawn from the fact that Beckham’s late grandfather was a Tottenham fan. Fleet Street loves putting two and two together, even if it provides a not so even five.

A move to Tottenham would undoubtedly be welcomed in the Beckham camp. We are a football club on the up, play an exciting brand of attacking football, but a big reason for that is the pace and dynamism we have across the midfield. What would Beckham bring to that table, hardly fits in does he?

The reason I bring this debate to the table is that I read Robbie Savage’s column in the Mirror and he suggested that he would be the ideal understudy to Luka Modric within the Spurs midfield. Old Robbie obviously hasn’t seen what Luka has to his game

“I can’t think of anyone else who could play the sort of clever long passes that Luka Modric specialises in, letting in Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon. He could be a great like-for-like sub for the brilliant Croatian.” Mirror

Sorry Robbie I beg to differ. One aspect that Modric brings to the midfield, something that isn’t in Becks’ locker, is the ability to take players on and run at defences at will. It is one aspect of his game that has greatly improved in the past few months and taken the pressure off Bale and Lennon to deliver all the time. Beckham unfortunately doesn’t have that to his game; therefore we would be extremely unbalanced as and when he were to come on, therefore it would be nothing more than a pointless exercise. I refute that his loan signing for 8 weeks will see a massive rise in shirt sales in merchandise in the short term, because let’s be honest will he be any more significant that Modric, Van der Vaart and Bale in the merchandise stakes; had we signed him on a permanent deal then maybe, but not for two months. Beckham unfortunately has had his time at the top level and he would do well to follow Landon Donavon in getting himself fresh for the up and coming MLS season. He is not needed at Tottenham, or most of the teams in the top half of the Premier League for that matter.

Holy Crap – it’s live fantasy football!

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