A new leaf for Luis Suarez?

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the future of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez in the fallout of the Handshake-gate incident at the weekend. Many sources are reporting that the Uruguayan may call time on his career in the North-West, as both player and club become more and more frustrated by the day.

However, the whole sorry episode could well be the making of Suarez, who must now to put his wild actions on the pitch into the past, and let his football do the talking. Even the staunchest of anti-Suarez campaigners cannot disagree that the front-man is one of the most talented players currently plying his trade in England, but for every piece of skill and every time the net ripples, there’s a dive or a gesture which will to spoil it all, and get the opposition crowds on his back.

It’s almost a paradox for the man born the small town of Salto, on the River Uruguay, who is described as a quiet, family orientated individual, with a heart of gold by almost anyone who knows him. Yet in Jekyll and Hyde fashion, once he enters the field of play he morphs into a changed character, a character capable of some pretty despicable things.

At 25, Suarez has already had enough controversy to last most professional players an entire career. At the very beginning of his football journey, in his teens, he had problems with partying and drinking, which led to threats of being axed by his then club Nacional, who were wary of his development under such pressure. Even after his move to Groningen in Holland he was still not far from trouble, tantrums when substituted were a problem, as well as appealing to the Dutch League’s arbitration committee to force through a move to Ajax. Here it all continued, as Suarez bit Otman Bakkal of PSV Eindhoven during an on field scuffle, all of this just months after he became public enemy number one for his infamous goal-line handball against Ghana in South Africa.

We need not mention his latest, and much discussed, indiscrepancies at Liverpool, but if he has the sense, he’ll know that it is time to put these displays behind him. Chances are running few and far between for the striker, with his acts being condemned by the club and its management, further displays of support similar to which received during the Evra incident, would be unlikely. Especially, in the wake of Dalglish’s disappointment in his number seven, for whom he has put his public image, and to a degree job, on the line in fierce defence of the player.

If indeed Suarez is having thoughts of moving on, he must realise that continuing in his current fashion, will deter any potential suitors, who would be anxious to take on such a problem character, regardless of ability.

We could be about to see a new side to the controversial front-man, who must make a new years resolution to change his ways, albeit a late one.

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