A ‘Plea’ for solidarity to Liverpool fans

shankly_gatesFootball FanCast columnist Joe Barnes reckons that Liverpool fans should brace themselves for another media witch-hunt, but calls upon them not to be swayed by their opinion.

Liverpool have now only managed one win from their previous eight matches after Lyon snatched three points away from Liverpool late on in their group E Champions League match, which spells out Liverpool’s worst run of results in over twenty years.

This poor run of form indicates there is something fundamentally wrong within the football club. For about a month now throughout this run I have witnessed hundreds of very similar articles popping up in newspapers and on footballing blogs, each of these pointing in one direction: The sacking of Rafael Benitez Liverpool’s manager. I will not be naming any names but this is clearly the case and there are no arguments against it.

Now to the real problem which has restricted Liverpool: us supporters at Anfield have always taken pride in the fact that we are constantly branded as “The best fans in the world” or coined by similar phrases. So why have so many of us been swayed by what has been printed and jumping on the bandwagon calling for Benitez’s head so quickly into one of his few disappointing runs as Liverpool’s manager?

Well there is an answer to this which may cause havoc to be reaped down upon me for looking to answer it. After our recent successes of Istanbul and the continual growth as a football club has seen a new influx of football fans claiming to support Liverpool, this is where the major problem lies. If you ask the majority of people who have become interested in Liverpool only recently who the Spirit of Shankly supporters union is, or maybe even the great Bill Shankly himself; they wouldn’t be able to give you a answer of much substance.

Maybe the traditional Anfield support is being engulfed by the new wave of so called “Liverpool fans” and swerving away from the “Anfield way” and to the dark side of the “Soccer AM Generation”.

Too many Liverpool fans are now seeking refuge against our rivals fans now with the common phrase of “Rafa has to go”. This is not the way we should be as supporters of a football club.

Now for my plea/call to arms/message whatever you believe it to be. Rafa is the manager and whatever decision he makes as long as he is making that decision for what he believes to be the good of our club even if it does seem slightly odd we must back him and the team he selects (yes even Voronin).

The readers of this article can think what they like, as I know that our support is being split up by a collection of snide journalists across the nation. We must stand together on the Kop and fight against them for Rafa and the team to help lead them out of the storm we are currently in!