A PLEA to Cesc Fabregas

cesc_fabregasFootball FanCast guest columnist Bert Wilson is hoping that Cesc Fabregas will remain patient with Arsenal, even if they were to fall short this season.

Being an Arsenal fan of nearly 50yrs, I feel I am in a better position than most to assess the quality of Cesc Fabregas and how he compares to some of the midfield greats we have witnessed don the red and white. Only Liam Brady could give the Spaniard a run for his money, but with every given week I see Fabregas play, I feel he is starting to eclipse old ‘chippy’.

What is incredible about Fabregas and it is something that people seem to forget is the player is only 22 years-old and he still has at least another six seasons before he reaches his peak. It is frightening really as to think how good he could actually become and it forever amazes me that he is never talked about in the same breath as the other top players in the world. I am sure it will happen in time and I really hope he is still representing Arsenal when he does.

There has been much speculation linking him with a return to his spiritual home Barcelona. Unfortunately the Spanish champions have been doing their level best to unsettle him, pulling at his heartstrings, in the hope of tempting him back to Camp Nou. While Cesc has been extremely diplomatic when asked the question about where his future lay, there is certainly a feeling where I sit at the Emirates that this is very much a make or break season for him and should we fail to land any silverware this year, then he could well be tempted to move on. Obviously we can understand his reasons, as a player of his abilities needs to be winning prizes, but my plea to Cesc Fabregas is to be patient with us, even if we fall short this year.

We have been absolutely awesome this season, dynamite in fact, and I believe it is the best Arsenal team we have seen since the ‘invincibles’. Whilst we have been scoring goals for fun, I still have to question as to whether the squad is strong enough in terms of experience and whether we have enough character and resolve within, when a few bad performances and results (which will inevitably happen at some point) start to creep in. I personally hope that for the sake of Cesc Fabregas that the answer is yes; because I would hate to think that we missing out this year will see Fabregas depart at the end of the season. Hopefully Cesc is able to see enough promise to realise that we aren’t too far away, but I guess we won’t know until the summer.

The prospect of losing Cesc doesn’t bear thinking about, as top class players like him don’t come around very often. There is a lot of talk of Wilshere, Ramsey or Merida to step in should Fabregas be swayed by Barcelona’s advances, but they will need some time before any of them can reach the standard that Cesc is currently performing at. Therefore my message, or plea to Cesc is to please stay patient with us, even if we fall short this year, because we are on the cusp of something big here and he is the catalyst of it, and if we are to reach a comparable level to the best sides in like the Madrid, United’s and Barca’s then we need the likes of Fabregas around in order for us to achieve this.