A poor attempt to drive a wedge among Liverpool supporters?

Liverpool midfielder Steven GerrardFirst things first, so congratulations to Liverpool on their excellent performance and result against Premier League Champions Chelsea on Sunday. Lucas finally looked like he is beginning to achieve his potential; Steven Gerrard called the shots in midfield and Fernando Torres appears to be on his way to finding some sort of goal scoring form. The onlooking John W. Henry will take much comfort and solace from the performance and the result as after three consecutive league wins Liverpool look like they are ready to do business and steadily move up the table.

On the surface things might look rosy but there is still a massive amount of work to do on and off the pitch. John W. Henry and Tom Werner already have the blueprint of what they want to do with Liverpool Football Club. Their commitment to the strategy, which underpins much of the success the Boston Red Sox, and its recent deployment at Anfield may prove to leave a sour taste in the mouths of many Liverpool fans. This involves: “selling players who reach the 30-year-old mark and whose resale value is diminishing, in favour of bringing in younger players who have yet to reach their potential.”

If such a model is used at the Merseyside Club does it mean that the likes of Liverpool legends Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are living very much on borrowed time? This seems ridiculous when applied to players who have demonstrated such commitment to the club and yet could be disposed of so easily and without emotion. Steven Gerrard’s second half performance against Napoli last Thursday surely proved the England International’s worth and his importance and significance to the current squad.

It was reported, in The Express last Sunday, that had Henry owned of the club earlier on in the summer then he would have sold Steven Gerrard and it would have been unthinkable for Jamie Carragher to have been offered the 2 year extension to his contract. Henry and Werner are probably behind closed doors thanking their lucky stars on having retained the services of the two who have been highly instrumental in Liverpool’s recent resurgence. Gerrard’s recent performances particularly deserve recognition and are ample evidence that NESV should retain their captain at all costs.

Yesterday however, rumours were apparently put to rest as Henry personally dismissed them as “a little fiction reading.” Although Henry has a tried and tested model in the Boston Red Sox, I find it hard to believe that he would ever want to sell one of his prized possessions. I’m left speculating whether this is another story invented by the press, in the hope it can drive a wedge between the club and its supporters?

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