A readymade scapegoat for Wayne Rooney

Glazer protestWayne Rooney is the talk of the town with endless headlines, media speculation, questions to be answered and Manchester United affiliates left trying to comprehend it all. After having issued his infamous statement on the motivations that lead to his decision, it appears that he desires to jump from a burning building and save himself, how self preserving of him.

These justifications are clearly held by Rooney to be self evident and in taking his stance believes he is fully warranted in doing so. Rooney’s statement included this quote:I met with David Gill last week and he did not give me any of the assurances I was seeking about the future squad. I then told him that I would not be signing a new contract. The assurances Rooney would have wanted would have be the purchasing of what he deemed as ‘big signings’, this has been hindered by what he sees as a lack of money within the club. It also explains why Rooney’s contract wasn’t suitable enough for him in terms of a financial incentive.

With the Glazer Family notoriously held in contempt by Manchester United fans for masterminding a debt in excess of £720 million and not spending enough to replace the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, of whom they profiteered from as a player and a financial asset, Rooney has the fortuitous position of being able to locate the blame elsewhere. The Glazers are a readymade scapegoat and one that has willingly offered itself up to Rooney for the slaughter. As little responsibility as possible will be taken by Rooney in order to placate the bitter feeling of resentment that Man United fans will no doubt be feeling towards him. But with the Green & Gold movement against the Glazers being ubiquitous amongst Man United fans and Rooney latching onto this stream of thought, a perception of empathy may emerge for Rooney as he is being forced elsewhere due to his ambition which cannot be realised at Manchester United.

A quote from a Manchester United supporters trust spokesperson read thus: “The question being asked by many fans is does the ambition of the owners match that of Rooney or indeed Manchester United supporters?” You would have to argue that on appearances the big money signings aren’t being made, with only three signings being made this season, none of which to make the head turn. But to totally forgive and adhere to what Rooney is clarifying in his statement is to jump on the anti-Glazer bandwagon and relieve Rooney of his culpability. Sir Alex Ferguson nurtured Rooney and has built upon past successes before, blooding through home grown talent, making astute purchases and subsequently leading the club to various honours and I’m sure Man United will continue fruitfully with or without Rooney.

Paul Merson speaking on Sky Sports made the point that as a player you don’t march into an office and start issuing demands and ultimatums that if not carried out will result in swift action being taken. This is the manager’s job and not someone who plays Football Manager and therefore fancies making it into a reality. Rooney clearly can’t have any foresight or patience, this is apparent from his petulance, so when things don’t conform to his liking he makes a reactionary decision and one that he tries to justify with reference to a long-standing scapegoat. This is all too easy if he is allowed to waltz away without any blood on his hands.

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