A ridiculous obstruction to Tottenham’s grand plans

If Tottenham fail to get planning permission for their new stadium at White Hart Lane then there is only going to be one real loser in this piece and that is Haringey Council and the N17 area as a whole. Defeat in their application will see the Lilywhites explore other options out of the borough and away from its spiritual home for good.

I’m actually amazed that permission is yet to be granted and having appeased the conservationists at the Victorian society, by giving up the proposed open square and walkway to ensure the four listed buildings (apparently they are an important layer of local history) that the club planned to demolish remained; the Haringey Police have now intervened with a document outlining their concerns about the proposed stadium due to lack of segregation between home and away fans outside the ground. I may be somewhat naive but I have never been outside a stadium in the Premier League that I have been unable to walk around prior to kick-off in my colours, so what’s the difference? If they are really that concerned then how come the current away end of the ground at White Hart Lane is only manned by a handful of stewards and policemen along with four or five police barriers? It is hardly the kind obstacle that will keep warring factions apart? Surely the solution for the new stadium is to simply put up temporary fencing like they do at Eastlands, to steer supporters towards the coaches and car-parks.

It is like any obstacle that they can put in front of Tottenham’s development is being put in front of Haringey Council in order to ensure that they turn down our application. I don’t know how thin the Tottenham board’s patience is becoming but you cannot blame them for reconsidering other options and perhaps relocating away from N17. Here is a club who on top of building a new stadium is attempting to plough millions into regenerating the whole area that will be create jobs and bring business to the local shops and companies within the vicinity. All they have faced throughout this process is obstacles, and petty ones at that. You would think that they would be biting our arm off to get this project moving, not potentially dragging us out of the borough for good

Tottenham Hotspur is the only positive aspect of the area and brings a lot of wealth to neighbouring businesses as a result. Those causing obstacles need to realise that it is the football club that is keeping this area together and they should be embracing change. Tottenham needs a new stadium in order to compete and if Haringey Council and other factions think our plans are a hindrance to the local area; then I’m sure there will be plenty of neighbouring boroughs who will beg to differ and will only be too happy to accommodate.

Written By Roy James

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