A season to be looked back on with great fondness or as a step backwards?

The best thing about supporting Spurs, is that secretly, you don’t expect much. It’s an advantage us supporters have over our North London Rivals. I wouldn’t say we are easily pleased, (as you would quickly learn if you spent a Saturday afternoon at The Lane) but the simple things such as a Bale Hat-Trick against Milan when we were 4-0 down with ten men, or a 3-3 draw against Arsenal at home, are considered ‘Good’ if not ‘Brilliant’ performances. Unfortunately, it’s that expectancy and pressure, that every true Spurs fan yearns for, and most of us, due to those teasing flashes of brilliance and achievement this year felt that we were finally about to join the big boys.

It seems though, although it’s not over yet, that the dream of returning to the Champions League next year has almost definitely slipped away. Spurs didn’t get to ‘Pass Go’ and collect £200, they landed on the Park Lane and Mayfair of European football before they’d had a chance to purchase ‘Old Kent Road’ and it seems that in that short cirquit of the board they have been to jail many times, always expecting Gareth to ‘Bale’ them out.

However, this isn’t how world class clubs continue to succeed at a high level. There has to be a depth throughout the squad and money has to be spent in order to retain that status. Van der Vaart was possibly the buy of the season, but fans aren’t interested in bargains and finance. We just want results. We don’t care if we made millions on Berbatov if there’s no -one to fill the void left behind on the pitch.

For years now, Spurs have claimed that they couldn’t lure the big players to the club without involvement in the Champions League. It seems that after a season spent in the top five of the Premiership, beating both AC and Inter Milan in the biggest Football tournament in the world, Spurs are facing a very familiar end to the season.

Now you’re, you could be forgiven for thinking that this sounds like a rant, because it is. The inconsistency in Spurs performance is probably the cause of many a balding head from N17 to Switzerland (that’s a Phil Collins joke). You see, all of this is in vain if we don’t get that fourth spot! We will possibly lose a couple of our good players (Modric, Defoe, Bale, Kranjcar are all possibilities??) and still be left with Crouch trying to slam dunk the ball into the back of the net come August!! Harry will be off to take England to the quarter finals of the next international tournament, while Gomes will be working closely with Ray Clemence in trying to find new ways in which he can continue to keep Goal without using his hands. And the fans, the fans, will be left thinking about what could have been, and whether it is another twenty years before we enter in to the same league as other clubs that are fortunate enough to have huge financial injections, and benefit from them.

Yes the win at the Emirates was a fine moment and Bale making his mark on the world stage with that hat-trick was something to treasure and remember. But if he’s playing down the left for Man Utd next season, while Spurs lie in 8th position in the table, as Mr. Levy rubs his hands together pondering what Yacht to buy off the coast of Monaco, the fans will be left with that sinking feeling of emptiness, that although it was good, it was all over too quickly.

If you support Spurs, I’m sure you empathise, if you don’t, I can only assume that based on the season we have just had in relation to the twenty that have come before, your feelings towards us Spurs fans quote a classic song from two of our most famous supporters Chas ‘n’ Dave, ” Ain’t No Pleasing You”!!

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