A simple procedure that would ultimately save Spurs millions

Football FanCast guest columnist Don Meadows feels that Spurs have to curb their habit of writing off players too soon.

One thing that continually frustrates me about Tottenham, apart from the reckless spending is the way the club fails to show any faith in their investments and look to ship them out if they fail to deliver an instant return. It is totally counterproductive and for a club which normally conducts its business in such a diligent manner in terms of striking the right deal; then the writing off, of players, kind of goes against that practice.

If you look back over the years and the amount of money that we have wasted, it is absolutely scary, as the club strives for quick wins all the time regardless of the cost. You look at Bentley, Bent and possibly Pavlyuchenko and you have three players that cost a combine total of over £40m yet it is extremely unlikely that either Bentley or Pavlyuchenko will have any significant impact and are likely to join Bent in leaving WHL if not this summer then January. You have to ask yourself as to whether these guys have really been given their chances to impress, I personally think not and I guess we better hope that the likes of Crouch perform next season, otherwise it will be the same scenario of trying to find a new player next summer. There is a lot to be said for stability, something we haven't had for years.

The reason for expressing my concerns here is the news that Dos Santos is likely to be shipped off to Ipswich on loan, or perhaps to Besiktas. The Mexican is a talented footballer who has never been given an opportunity to prove his worth at WHL and is another glowing example of a player who is being written off without justification. There is a lobby of support who believe he is too lightweight and not up to it, but how they come to that conclusion based on a handful of appearances I don't know. The lightweight comment in particular always amuses me, especially when they crow about how great Aaron Lennon is. What I find frustrating by continually overlooking him is that he is a possible solution to our left side problems if given a reasonable chance to stake his claim. I accept that his more natural position is simply behind a striker, but for a large part of his early career he played out on the left for Barca where he used to cut inside. It doesn't make much sense as to why Harry hasn't given him a chance and Dos Santos has been harshly treated in my view.

Something has to be done at the club to stop this as long term it is hitting us hard financially. We need to start spending wisely, show faith in our scouting network and give those signings every chance to adapt to their new surrounds and not write them off so soon. Had Dos Santos for example been at a United or dare I say Arsenal, they would have been given at least two or three years to prove their worth, we need to adopt a similar philosophy here and bring some much needed stability to the club.