Always Managing – Book Review

It would be impossible to argue that Harry Redknapp has not had a successful career in football. Starting at the bottom playing for Oxford City, he went on to experience the highs of a footballer in the Premier League to managing Portsmouth to an FA Cup win. No-one could put a downer on his accomplishments over the past fifty years, but along with the ups, came some very difficult low-points. The book starts with a raw and honest account of his court-case in2008, where he describes to the reader the details of not only how he was feeling through the ordeal but also the heartache this difficult time caused his family. Starting on such strong emotions is a brilliant lead into this fervent and humorous look back on Redknapp’s life. All his decisions to leave various clubs and positions are explained in detail, and it becomes increasingly more obvious to the reader that his career path was not always so clear cut. The England Job, Bobby Moore and his relationship with Milan Mandaric as well as many other adventures are all included –all the way up to his current demands at QPR. Unlike many autobiographies we don’t get a step-by-step account of Redknapp’s life, the author has chosen the main stories and focuses on them primarily, giving a slightly disjointed feeling. This does not, however, make for an unenjoyable read.  Phrases such as ‘there is some right old rubbish about…’ and ‘people might think that..’ only highlights that he wants to get the facts out there, and that is what the author of the book achieves. You could be in a chance of winning a signed copy of this book via the Facebook link below!

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