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Am I the only Newcastle fan disgusted by all this…

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Jon Mason cannot understand why Keegan wasn't prepared to
meet the Ashley halfway in this dispute.

I am finding it
extremely hard not to show a certain amount of disdain towards Kevin Keegan and
this whole sorry affair.

While I don't know
all the ins and outs of what went on, and the real reasons behind Keegan's
departure with Newcastle United, I can't help feel that holding out for £8m for
the remaining time of his contract, given his relatively short second spell at
the club really adds up. I accept that Keegan probably has a valid reason for
his grievance, but should he really be holding the club to ransom, especially
given the state of our current finances. Kev's issue is solely with Mike
Ashley, but is ultimately the club that is having to foot the bill.

What I find hard to
take is that I love Keegan and everything he stands for at Newcastle United,
but surely he can see what effect this is having on the football club. Mike
Ashley has supposedly made numerous attempts to reach some sort of compromise,
yet Keegan is determined to go all the way and take the club for all he can
get. The upshot is that Newcastle have stalled as a consequence of it, in terms
of being able to secure a takeover, until this has been resolved, or been
unable to put any notable investment into the playing staff due to the frailty
of the club's finances.

I know there are
some who back Keegan's plight and feel that he is fully justified to hold out
for all he can get from the Ashley, but the bigger picture is that it could
have huge implications on the football club going forward if the courts rule in
Keegan's favour. That is my real concern and why I felt that for the sake of
the club, Keegan could have met us half way.


Article title: Am I the only Newcastle fan disgusted by all this…

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