Ambitious talk to bring a smile to Arsenal fans faces

You can’t help but laugh at the euphoria that surrounds the spuds as they enter their first Champions League campaign. Finishing 4th for the first time in the Premier League has seen expectations rise to an immeasurable level with even their manager predicting title success. It is not the first time a serious reality check has been needed down the other end of the Seven Sisters Rd as once again they let their imagination get the best of them.

I’m not going to deny that the spuds are on the up, but some of the drivel that is coming out of that football club has brought a smile to my face. If title talk wasn’t enough then Jermain has predicted that they are about to eclipse us in the Champions League this season and go further in the competition. Confident words indeed, especially when they haven’t even qualified for the tournament at this point.

“If we can get past the play-off qualifier, I honestly think we will go further than Arsenal in the Champions League.

“No disrespect to Arsenal because they have a good record in the Champions League.” (Sun)
No disrespect taken at all and I must commend you for your bold statement that will undoubtedly have supporters even more chipper than they have been all summer, but as you pointed out we have an excellent record in the Champions League and more importantly manages to get in the top four at a canter every season, despite a relatively inexperienced side for the past few years. Qualifying for the Champions League is no longer an achievement for our football club; therefore it just goes to show the vast gulf between us and your sorry lot.

Enjoy your time in the Champions League; it maybe the last time you every play in it.

Written By Billy Pearson

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