An awkward piece of the Tottenham jigsaw?

Spurs midfielder Tom HuddlestoneIn the grand scheme of things, Tom Huddlestone will probably be disappointed with how things went for him last season. He may well have captained his side against Inter at the San Siro, but injuries kept him out of facing further and arguably more important Champions League opponents. His being sidelined also must have had an effect on Tottenham ’s Premier League campaign, with him hardly featuring as a goalscorer on Had he been more available Spurs may have been able to carry the fight for longer and may well have secured a Champions League slot for next season.

Tom Huddlestone adds something to Tottenham that the likes of Luka Modric , Jermaine Jenas and Rafael Van der Vaart just can’t offer. At an impressively stocky 6’3, Huddlestone’s sheer physicality, strength and competitive nature makes him a wonderful addition to the Spurs midfield. Of course, it’s important not to underplay the other aspects of Thudd’s game. He is also a passer of great vision and ability and, as we all know, he has a real firecracker of a shot.

The prospect of Huddlestone playing alongside Luka Modric next season may well have fans salivating. The mixture of grit, determination and vision is sure to strike a chord in the centre of Tottenham’s midfield and may well propel them to success of one sort or another. But that raises another question. Would a fully fit Tom Huddlestone earn a starting birth in this Spurs side? What’s more, surely he’s too good to be a mere squad player?

The problem for Tottenham is that Sandro has made it nigh on impossible for Harry to drop him, given a number of impressive displays against top opponents. Sandro is another Tottenham player who seems to have it all: he’s strong in defence and attack and this versatility only increases his worth. Then there’s Luka Modric, who after last season simply won’t be bumped out of the centre of Tottenham’s midfield. Such was the form of Modric and Sandro that ex-Real Madrid man Rafael van der Vaart found himself pushed out onto the wings, despite an impressive showing of his own last season. If Van der Vaart is struggling to get game time in his favoured position it’s pretty likely that Huddlestone will suffer in the same regard. The crowded nature of Tottenham’s midfield makes Spurs’ reported interest in Scott Parker even more bemusing. Whilst it’s always useful to have squad players that are talented and capable, having too much competition for places can often breed malcontent and lead to players not receiving a fair amount of game time. For this reason I hope that Harry Redknapp doesn’t sign Scott Parker. He may be a good player, but I rate Tom Huddlestone higher and want to see him receive his fair share of games next season.

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