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An essential deal for Liverpool, despite the obvious sacrifice

FanCast guest columnist
Kevin Henry feels that Liverpool have little option, with regards to their new

With Standard Chartered
in the bag, Christian Purslow's next task is the secure a new sponsor in order
to get the stadium project off the ground.

According to reports in
the NOTW the club is looking to try and secure a £12m a deal, over a
period of 20yrs, to bring in some £240m towards the cost of this new stadium.
It will certainly be the biggest sponsorship that English football has seen and
will dwarf the £100m that Arsenal received with their Emirates sponsorship.

A lot has already been
made of this issue with naming rights and many think the club is selling out its
name and its heritage by going down this route, but isn't it surely a case of
sink or swim? While it would have been nice to be in a position like Manchester
United have been in, where they can just develop their stadium piece by piece,
the long and the short of it is that we are not in the same stratosphere as
they are commercially, therefore we are not in the privileged position to do
that and need to get a stadium build fast so we can compete on a financial
level due to increased corporate entertaining and increased gate receipts –
selling the naming rights is the most cost effective way to do it and every
club that is building a new stadium is having to go down that avenue.

I know it will be a
wretch to go from traditional Anfield to a new sponsored name, but wont
Liverpool's home always be referred to as Anfield among supporters? I think on
this occasion we need to bite the bullet, embrace it and realise that this is
all for the greater good of Liverpool and making sure the team is successful
both on and off the pitch. Football is evolving and although there are the odd
exceptions like United, generally clubs have little option now but to explore
these other routes in order to generate income to pay for huge projects like a
new stadium. It is the only way we can go forward, despite the sacrifices that
have to be made.

Soccer Millionaire

Article title: An essential deal for Liverpool, despite the obvious sacrifice

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