An inspired signing by Harry, or an old boy too far?

Football FanCast guest columnist Matt Wells would like to see Crouch make a return to WHL.

If you believe everything you read in the papers then Spurs are in the market for a target man this summer.

With both Bent and Pavlyuchenko reportedly set to leave WHL, the press has been formulating their list of possible replacements and it has been varied to say the least with Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar, Llorente and Negredo to name but a few. They certainly all have their merits; however I wonder whether Harry should be looking slightly closer to home.

Obviously we would all love to see Huntelaar at the Lane, but the chances seem minimal to me, given the player's desire to play Champions League football. Unfortunately the lack of European football will prove a real hindrance for Spurs in the transfer market and we are left with limited options. Does Harry take a chance on relative unknowns, like the two Spaniards, or look at a player who has perhaps lost his way? I personally had my fill of foreign gambles over the years at WHL and in terms of bringing in a striker; I would much prefer to see Harry look to bring in a tried and tested performer. Peter Crouch would be my personal choice, although I accept that I may be in a minority.

What amazes me about Peter Crouch is that for all the goals he scores, either for club or country, there are still people who question his ability. I accept his game isn't the easiest on the eye and he hardly leads the line with the same grace that someone like Berbatov did, but he is hugely effective with what he does. He isn't blessed with great pace, but he has a fantastic touch, great at holding the ball up and more significantly has proven that he can play alongside Jermain Defoe. There wouldn't be any worry about him settling in and already we would have a readymade partnership in place.

So am I alone in wanting to see Crouch at the Lane, or do you think we could do better elsewhere?

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