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An OPEN LETTER to Arsene Wenger

Football FanCast guest columnist Lee Higgins writes an open
letter to Arsene Wenger.

Dear Arsene,

Unlike a lot
of the letters that get sent to you, via other websites, this one is no way
critical of you, your management abilities, or your current philosophies as,
unlike others, I haven't lost touch with what you have firstly achieved at this
football club and secondly the excellent way you are nurturing this young team,
who are simply going to lay down the foundation for future success. I can see
the achievement of finishing in the top-four with a largely inexperienced team
and I look forward to seeing the kinds of heights that the club will achieve
when they eventually mature; it is a shame some fans aren't prepared to be
patient with it.

The reason
for my writing though Arsene has little to do with the team's performances on
the pitch, but more off it and their total lack of professionalism; they are
doing you and the football club a total disservice with their outbursts and
general talk and it needs to be stamped out, and quick. I know there is a case
for free-speech, but not when it is completely undermining you as a manager or
the football club in general. The media don't need an excuse to take a swipe at
us, so the last thing they need to be doing is fuelling it.

I don't know
why it is allowed to happen, but I have counted no fewer than six players who
have all come out and questioned the club's ambitions and the need to
strengthen, if the club have any chance of succeeding. We have heard your
captain tell the media of his love of Barcelona more times than I care to
remember over the course of the last 12 months and you have openly come out and
defended Eduardo and proclaim that you want to see cheating stamped out of
football, we witness Robin van Persie coming out today suggesting that he exaggerates
contact in order to con referees and make sure he gets decisions. They are
making fools of you and the football club and something has to be done to stamp
this out.

You look at your
peers like Ferguson, Benitez and Ancelotti and I have to ask myself how often do
you hear any of their players come out in the Press and discredit the football
club. The simple reason is their club doesn't stand for it, all the players are
focused on their duties and if any talking needs to be done then it comes from
the manager, unless there is reasoning for them to comment. That is the way it
should always be and levels of respect must be maintained.

telling the media that the squad needs strengthening is completely out of line
and extremely undermining for you and you need to put your foot down and nip
this in the bud now.  The continued
freedom you give them to spurt off could have disastrous effects in the long
run and be of great detriment to what you are trying to achieve. It is time to
gag them Arsene – and sooner rather than later.


A concerned

Soccer Millionaire

Article title: An OPEN LETTER to Arsene Wenger

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