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An OPEN Letter to Christian Purslow

Football FanCast guest columnist Jay Kelsey writes an open
letter to Christian Purslow.

Dear Mr

They say
a week is a long time in football, but your three months at Liverpool are
proving an eternity in the way you have dragged our football club up from its
knees and given us all optimism that the future is extremely bright and
prosperous. We suddenly feel assured that we have somebody on the board that
not only we can trust, but someone who is prepared to level with supporters and
give us the type of transparency that we, being the paying public, deserve.

For far
too long supporters have been treated as second class citizens at this club, a
mere afterthought, and the lack of dialogue from the club has left us in the
past uncertain, confused and in many ways led to us having to formulate our own
opinions and views over issues, which has caused unrest in some quarters. All
we want to know is the facts and we are delighted you are presenting them to

The most
encouraging thing that we have seen in the past months is that you have
realised, which in fairness a large percentage of supporters have known, that
we as a football club have been grossly undervalued for far too long and
accepted satisfactory and safe deals, rather than look to push the boundaries
out. You have brought a little bit of dynamism to the football club, a breath
of fresh air, and we know under your stewardship that there will be no resting
on our laurels and you'll not settle for second best, something we have been
doing for far too long now.

go out and get the best deals, seek parity with our contemporaries and suddenly
put us on an even playing field in the commercial world by utilising our status
as the most successful club in English football – we are in very safe hands and
I thank you for coming to us, and not only sorting out the financial picture of
the club, but having the good grace to communicate with the supporters and
provide us with the type of respect that has been sorely missed by your
predecessors and boards over the years.

Keep up
the fine work and thank you for helping drag our football club commercially
into the modern era.



Soccer Millionaire

Article title: An OPEN Letter to Christian Purslow

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