An open letter to Heurelho Gomes

Football FanCast columnist ‘The New Voice of Football' leaves an open letter for Huerelho Gomes.

I owe you
this one Heurelho, for I became one of the many doubters you managed to gather
with your string of error-ridden performances upon your arrival at Tottenham
last summer. 

This was
not what I expected from a goalkeeper that statistically has been the best to
ever play in the Dutch Eredivisie. This was not what I expected from a keeper
that cost near on £8million and definitely not what I expected from a man, who
I had heralded to my friends supporting that other North London club, as

How I
looked on in horror as you cost Spurs point after point Heurelho. You making me
question my judgement like never before, dropping crosses, passing to opposing
strikers for a bit of one-on-one practice, hospitalising poor Corluka. Were you
really the same guy that had broken Spurs fans hearts, when you saved those
pens for PSV? 

I had to
endure ridicule as you helped Tottenham to their worst start ever, ‘Just like
Robinson, but leaves his butter fingers in the sun before matches' one of the
kinder remarks. Despite all the blunders though Heurelho you did show some
glimpses of a great keeper. Besides it's not like you were the only catastrophe
on the pitch during those dark eight Premiership games under Juande-boy, just
the most noticeable one. 

arrival gave us all hope, Spurs were remembering how to play football and you
started to minimise the gaffes, but they were still there. You still weren't
doing your job and I had to do mine, but I did not enjoy becoming one of the
many that scrutinised your every move. 

So I'm
sorry for writing Has He Got To Gomes?, I'm sorry for calling you Go-Go the
clown, but most of all I'm sorry for comparing you with the king of all
calamitous keepers, David James in his younger days. Such were your
performances you put in for an improving Tottenham team before Christmas it had
to be done. Sure you understand. 

It's not
Go-Go the clown anymore though Gomes, in fact given your performances for
Tottenham since the turn of the year I now think you're the anti-Brazilian, let
me explain. Where you have excelled and overcome adversity, apparently played
through injury as you turned yours and helped turn Tottenham's season around.
Compatriots Robinho, Elano and Geovani all seemed to go missing when it got
cold after starts to the season far removed from your own. Not that I'm
questioning your heritage Heurelho. 

It is
this attitude and your response to the arrival of Carlo Cudicini in January,
who is undoubtedly a quality keeper by anybody's standards that now reassures
me my judgement was not tainted eight-months ago. You have gained my respect
and the majority of the Tottenham fans, not just as a keeper, but also as a
man. One that stood tall as the world queued up to knock him. 

has definitely kept you on your toes, but you're the man in possession and the
competition seems good for you. Carlo used to put the same pressure on Petr
Cech at Stamford Bridge and now he seems error-ridden without a serious rival. 

understand you will make mistakes, all keepers do, but they seem few and far
between now, with the quality of your keeping in general this year making you
the rightful custodian of the gloves at White Hart Lane. 

now have a keeper that will win more points for his side than throw away, a man
that carries himself with dignity and a player I don't want to see North

So just a
couple of things before I go, don't even consider leaving in the summer and
next time you come for a cross with an intensity similar to the Corluka
clobbering, make sure it's the opposing striker that wakes up to a hospital

Now it's up to you Heurelho to write
yourself into the history of Tottenham, just like at PSV. I for one believe you
can even though like many I doubted and was too quick to judge. 

If your still not feeling better Heurelho, maybe this can cheer you up? A
goalkeeper that Arsenal were linked with not so long ago. Enjoy.

Article title: An open letter to Heurelho Gomes

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