An OPEN LETTER to Ivan Gazidis

Football FanCast guest columnist Daniel Green writes an Open Letter to Ivan Gazidis.

Dear Ivan,

A week is long time in football, however your ten months at the helm are proving an absolute eternity and I am delighted to see somebody finally grabbing hold of this football club and looking to move it on in much the same way a certain Mr Dein use to. Suddenly we have somebody to look up to; a member of the board we can trust and more importantly a person who will not only level with supporters, but also listen to our views.

It makes a refreshing change I can tell you and for far too long Arsenal supporters have been ignored, overlooked and taken for granted, why the board go about their business and make decisions without consultation or any real input of what we want. The lack of communication or dialogue has also been a problem and at times caused uncertainty and left supporters attempting to read between the lines and formulate their own views whether it be right or wrong. I know there is the school of thought that perhaps as supporters we shouldn't be exposed to the inner workings of the club; however as the lifeblood of the club and the ones who contribute heavily to the revenues that are generated, it is nice to think that we will be treated with a little respect. The early signs suggest that you are attempting to bridge this gap and I can assure you it is most welcome.

One of the most encouraging things we are witnessing in the past few months is your ‘Arsenalisation' of the Emirates and an attempt to bring a certain ambience to a ground, which in my view certainly had a lifeless feel. It is long overdue and it is nice that supporters have had input in the decisions that have been made and long may it continue. My own view is that it is important, as we did lose that mystique and what we use to stand for like we use to have at Highbury and full credit to you for realising what a cold place the Emirates was and wanting to address it. It appears you are in touch with what a football club means to its supporters and the emotional attachment it has.

I feel in you Ivan, we finally have reason to feel optimistic and the dynamism you are bringing suggests that the club isn't going to stagnate, as I felt it was starting to do after Dein's departure, and you are clearing showing the same drive and determination to make sure that Arsenal are always at the forefront of everything. You have been a breath of fresh air and I am thankful that you passed up the opportunity to work at Mercenary City to come to a proper football club and one that is steeped in history and traditions.

I also want to reiterate how grateful it is to have a Chief Executive who not only has obvious ambition to see the club grow, but has the good grace to communicate with the supporters and provide us with the type of respect that has been sorely missed over the years.

Keep up the fine work and I think I speak for a large percentage of Arsenal fans when I say we are extremely grateful for having you here.

Yours sincerely