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An OPEN LETTER to Jamie Carragher

Football FanCast guest columnist Des Jordan writes an open letter to Jamie Carragher.

Dear Jamie,

I am writing to you on behalf of the large majority of Liverpool fans who are refusing to jump on the ‘past it' bandwagon that so many supporters, experts and ex-pros are choosing to leap on at present.

You don't deserve it and your past performances and the level of consistency you have shown over the last few seasons, means you have warranted a lot more respect than you have been given in the Press and the media in general. At least you have had the balls to come out, hold your hands out and admit that your performance levels may have slipped in recent weeks; it is a shame that some of your teammates fail to share your honesty.

As I say I don't believe you are alone and why the defence is seemingly getting the finger pointed at them, the truth of the matter is that you are extremely exposed due to incompetence of the midfield; the centre in particular. Lucas and Mascherano in particular have failed to provide that barrier that Xabi and a fully focused Javier gave you last season, therefore the decent teams have been able to walk through us far too often and easily for that matter, putting a huge strain on you and the others at the back and the sooner Rafa wakes up to it and drops Stevie G into the middle alongside Mascherano the better; who knows his presence may give Javier the proverbial kick up the ass that he desperately needs.

What I have found disappointing with regards the criticism is that it appears you are the one being made the scapegoat here for any defensive lapse. Perhaps you are the victim of your past successes and high performance levels, but the likes of Hansen in particular should know that any successful defence isn't built solely on the back four, but the team in general; therefore it is a shame that he has decided to question you. He knows your abilities and character more than most, so it is a shame that Al has decided to point the finger.

I guess the criticism is probably water of a ducks back Jamie, but I want you to know that there are supporters out there who's memories aren't that short and refuse to write you off so soon, on the back of a few poor displays. As I say you are not alone and as soon as those realise their own contribution to our defensive failings as a team, then the sooner we can consolidate and return to our mean defence of old, which has yielded more clean sheets than any other Premier League team in the past few years. It is time Rafa realised our problem is not the back four per say, but generally the lack of cover that sits in front of you.

Yours sincerely



Article title: An OPEN LETTER to Jamie Carragher

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