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Is Andy Carroll more trouble than he is worth?

Newcastle United striker Andy Carroll has been having a storming season at St James Park. His fifteen goals have help catapult the Geordies back to the Premier League. But are his off field antics worth the bother?

As Newcastle United begin preparations for their return to the Premier League, the purchase of a top quality striker has been highlighted not only by the club, but by the media also. Andy Carroll has prospered considerably due to Newcastle’s relegation to the Championship. It seems unlikely he would have been given such a starting berth in the side had they retained their Premier League status last season. They may need to sign two quality strikers instead if Andy Carroll insists on behaving the way he does off the field. No matter how well he is playing on the field the 21 yr old needs to sort his act out now or be promptly booted from the club.

Despite being only 21 years old Carroll has been arrested twice. He accepted a Police caution after allegedly assaulting a woman in 2008. This was followed by in December 2009 when the 6ft 5in striker was arrested for supposedly glassing a fellow reveller in a Newcastle nightclub. Carroll was released on bail and that is currently working its way through the legal system. Throw these in with numerous training ground bust ups including the most recent where Steven Taylor suffered a broken jaw. Is the Newcastle united striker the type of personality you want within a squad?

Newcastle have declined to comment on the latest incident which apparently resulted after centre back Steven Taylor had received a text from an ex-girlfriend of Andy Carroll. Ridiculous isn’t it. The 21 yr old is engaged to another woman and it should have no bearing on him whatsoever. A temper on this lad is clearly evident. The incident has put Steven Taylor out for the rest of the season. Maybe if the Geordies were in a real battle for promotion this all may have been taken differently. The club have refused to comment on the altercation and are currently holding an internal investigation. Of which we have heard nothing about. No punishments have been dealt.

This is the sort of thing Newcastle United should be trying to shy away from. It is bad enough Joey Barton is constantly given a reprieve at the club and the reputation that now has taken hold at Tyneside. If this was a first time offence from the youngster then a slap on the wrist is all that is required. Unfortunately it is not. How many times will Andy Carroll be able to behave like this without consequences?

So Newcastle United has some big questions to ask themselves this season. There is no doubting Andy Carroll’s ability. He is steadily growing into a striker capable of future international honours. Yet if he insists in ruining his career the way he is. I think he should go do it somewhere else. The dressing room harmony at Newcastle United has been hailed after the fractured state it was in upon relegation last season. The players have come together and showed real heart and a team togetherness I’ve not seen at St James Park for a long time. To let Andy Carroll undermine all that, goalscorer or not would be a big mistake. It’s time the striker sorted himself out or he should be promptly booted out the door, for a sizeable fee of course.

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Article title: Is Andy Carroll more trouble than he is worth?

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