VIDEO: Andy Gray’s top commentary moments

Since retiring from football in 1990, former Wolves and Aston Villa striker Andy Gray has built a career co-commentating for Sky Sports alongside broadcasting veteran Martin Tyler. 54-year-old Gray is very much a marmite man, loved and hated in equal measure by fans up and down the country. Below are some of his best, and worst, moments in the commentary box and Sky Sports studio –

Take a bow, son

Every commentator has a catchphrase. ITV’s Jon Champion cannot utter the words ‘thou shalt not pass’ fast enough when a defender makes a half-decent tackle. While Sky Sports’ Chris Kamara has one for every occasion with his simple, ‘It’s unbelievable, Jeff!’

Scotsman Gray has an assortment of phrases, one of his most notable being, ‘Take a bow, son’, usually screamed at full volume following a spectacular goal. Check out his reaction to Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s late equaliser against West Ham in the 2006 FA Cup Final.

Pires’ sumptuous strike against Villa

One YouTube video of Mr Gray excitingly describing another wonderful Premier League goal had one user questioning how the commentator found time to eat given the fact he talked so much.

Arsenal’s French midfielder Robert Pires did however manage to leave the former Scottish international speechless, with a sensational goal against Aston Villa during the 2001/02 season. Gray stood in amazement applauding the goal, silent for a matter of seconds, before then launching into an impassioned monologue which included:

“Genius. You can’t buy them. They don’t come in packets.”

Gray writes off Liverpool at half-time

Andy Gray claims it’s game over with Liverpool trailing 3-0 in the Champions League Final against AC Milan in 2005.

Just as forward Hernan Crespo notched his second goal to put Milan firmly in the ascendancy, Gray exclaims:

“Game well and truly over, and I hate saying that.” How wrong he was.

Gray labels Walcott s***e

Following Arsenal’s 4-1 defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League last season, the Daily Mail reported a technical glitch had left Gray and anchorman Richard Keys red-faced after some of their off-air comments regarding Theo Walcott were heard by viewers during the match.

Keys reportedly said: “Get up, you stupid little boy. You’ve been s***e, son, in your daft pink boots – absolute rubbish.” Before Gray also joined in commenting:

“That Walcott’s s***e, isn’t he?”. These comments were later denied by Sky.


Gerrard’s goal against Olympiakos in the Champions League group stages sums up Gray’s enthusiastic, passionate and excitable approach to football commentary.

With the clock ticking and Liverpool needing a goal to qualify for the knockout stages, captain marvel Gerrard popped up with a truly sensational goal. Much to the delight of the Kop and commentator Gray.

Gray confuses himself and us

If any one is going to have the final word after a game it’s Gray. Sky Sports viewers will know he does so after ever Super Sunday, in the studio with broadcaster Keys and a large interactive whiteboard.

He starts this little sketch by saying ‘ I will try to explain…” before clarifying absolutely nothing and finishing his analysis by contemplating drawing a circle around referee Rob Styles. Priceless.

Three Pepe Reinas

Eight months after grabbing an astonishing four goals at Anfield, Russian winger Andrey Arshavin  was Liverpool’s chief tormentor once more with a sensational winner in the Gunners 2-1 victory in December 2009.

Arshavin turned and unleashed an unstoppable shot from just inside the penalty area before Gray explained:

‘I don’t care if you have three Pepe Reinas in that goal, you’re not saving that”

Gray & Keys discuss Ronaldo’s dribbling skills

A light-hearted look at the in-depth football analysis presented on Sky Sports post-match:

NB- Other notable Andy Gray musings include: ‘Time and time again’, ‘I really DO believe that’ and ‘You don’t save those’.

And some more enlightening quotes from the game’s great philosopher:

“That’s bread and butter straight down the goalkeeper’s throat.”

“I watched the game and I saw an awful lot of it.”

“It’s what I call one of those ‘indefensible ones’ – you can’t defend against them.”

“It’s not out of the top draw, it’s above that.”