Another window of missed opportunities?

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the logic of football clubs and the way they conduct their transfer business. I understand there is a great need to broker the best deal for the football club, but should it be at the detriment of the team’s progress?

The problem with the transfer window is that it encourages chairman to sit tight. The selling club will wait until the final week in order to get a higher fee, while those looking to improve their squad tend to end up frustrated or find themselves panic buying as a result of failed bartering. Few clubs in general benefit from adopting the slow approach in the market and as a result tend to struggle as result.

I have often questioned the length of the summer transfer window and firmly believe that it should slam shut on the 1st August, as I fail to see the benefit of looking to buy players after the season has started. The failure to bring them in during pre-season will ensure that new signings will take extra time to settle into his new side’s rhythm, or build up an understanding with their teammates.  How can a team be fully prepared and in tune with each other, when the possibility of changes a few weeks into the season could take place?

Of course there are exceptions to the ruling and those who see the significance of conducting their business early in order to succeed. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea have been busy securing their targets once again this summer, and yet these are the two sides that regularly challenge for the title. It makes you wonder while teams chasing the title pack like your Tottenham’s and Liverpool’s drag their feet the way they do and says a lot about their shortfalls. If you want to be a big club then you need to adopt their way of thinking and methods – it may cost you a few more quid, but will pail into insignificance if you end the season with silverware.

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