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App of the Week – Qustodian Sports

Free football content on your mobile
Get paid to read branded messages
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Football is increasingly becoming a rich man’s playground. So where does that leave us, the fans?
Players are being transferred for millions of pounds and ticket prices are going up and up. Now I even have to fork out the best part of £50 to wear my own team’s shirt. When are fans going to be rewarded for the support they continually give? Well, I think I might have found something that does just that and puts the fans first.

Like a football manager who gets a better feeling from uncovering a bargain than shelling out millions on a star player, I was pretty pleased with myself when I discovered Qustodian Sports. Like Javier Hernandez 18 months ago, Qustodian Sports was something I hadn’t come across before, but just like the Mexican I wouldn’t bet against it being a leading player in the coming months and years.

So what is Qustodian Sports? That’s the question I asked myself when I saw the slogan that went with the mobile app: ‘Football, Rewards and More on your Mobile’. It promised to give me great football content and offers on my phone, which sounded good. I would be in control, something I always like to be, although don’t tell my missus that, and that I would get paid for my using the app, a win-win situation I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyway, so once I downloaded the app on my mobile phone and filled in a few details I was off and running. First thing I had to do was select the team I support, Arsenal for my sins, and was then told content would be more general until the fan base increased – fair enough I thought. The first message I got was pretty amusing. It was from npower and showed Robbie Savage putting on every Football League shirt at once. I even got paid to watch it! I would gladly watch Savage make a fool of himself for nothing, but I’m not one to turn down a bit of cash.

Since then I’ve been enjoying having my say in the polls, watching the funny football videos that are sent through and the TV guide has been invaluable, although watching the Gunners on the box has been a bit hit and miss this season. Qustodian also brought my attention to the free ESPN goals app, which is also bloody brilliant, and there have been some great competitions for Premier League tickets and box experiences; fingers crossed I might win one.

I was pretty chuffed that I’d discovered Qustodian Sports and wanted to show off to my mates. So I went to invite my friends to join and found out that I’d earn a sixth of all their payments too, so I invited my whole inbox! Safe to say a few of them joined up to and now we’re well on our way to earning enough to pay for a pint down the local and hopefully watch Arsenal win for once! Make sure you check Qustodian Sports out and be able to say you were one of the first.

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Article title: App of the Week – Qustodian Sports

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