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Are Chelsea FC running the risk of getting back with an ex?

José Mourinho We’ve all been there. You’re having a pretty average time in your life, and you get tempted to go back to an old flame. Before you know it, you’ve set the wheels in motion, and you find yourself climbing into bed with your Ex.

The first few weeks, maybe even months, go swimmingly. You’re in the grips of intense passion and  you reveal to each other that you’ve never truly gotten over past feelings, and that getting back together was fate.

You talk about how wonderful and amazing the future is going to be, and how you’re going to be together forever.

But, before you know it, those feelings of butterflies in your stomach turn to feelings of nausea, and you rapidly start remembering just why you parted company in the first place.

You start arguing and end up having a very public break-up, you spend the next 6-months trying to get over it.

Now we all know that happy endings in these scenarios are rare, and yet it still doesn’t stop us giving a good old try on the quest for happiness.

It’s a story we often see in the football world, too. On numerous occasions we’ve seen managers come back as managers, players come back as players, and even players come back as managers. All because they once had good memories of being at that club.

Over the years there’s been quite a few cases of this at the highest level, some of them successful, but most of them comical. Maybe not comical for the clubs involved in the romantic reunion, but most definitely comical for those looking into the club from the outside..

These ‘comical’ examples include Kevin ‘Messiah’ Keegan’s return to Newcastle and ‘King Kenny’ and his return to Liverpool.

The latter of course managed to spend an incredible £120-million during Liverpool’s ‘transitional period’ and yet managed to finish closer to the bottom three than the top three.

But in 2013, despite all the warnings, we could have an even bigger contender for a romantic reunion, as Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and former manager Jose Mourinho continue their public flirting.

The pair first split back in 2007 citing irreconcilable differences after fighting about who truly wore the trousers in that relationship.

There were numerous secrets amongst the couple, including Abramovich’s spending habits, after the Russian spent £31 million on Ukrainian ‘gifts’ for Mourinho.

It was also rumoured that leader of the old guard, John Terry, also stuck his nose into affairs and was one of the main instigators in their break up, according to Claude Makelele anyway.

It’s likely that this time the one doing the crawling back with the proverbial tail between his legs is Abramovich. Mainly because the Russian has made a couple of disastorous decisions in recent times, including the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo after winning the Champions League, and the decision to bring in Benitez in any capacity didn’t really go down all that well either.

And now because of those decisions. Abramovich needs to do something to get the fans back on side, and what better way than to re-employ the ‘special one?’

We’re already fully aware that both men contain rather large ego’s, and that they top that off with a major case of stubbornness. Meaning that it will no doubt be a short-term dream, but end up being a long-term nightmare.

However, it could just be a gamble worth taking for everybody involved at Chelsea, especially with as instant success seems to be on the football forefront in our modern game.

I just hope that Chelsea fans aren’t too surprised when the initial passion runs out, and those old cracks start to resurface.

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Article title: Are Chelsea FC running the risk of getting back with an ex?

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