Are Newcastle hanging him out to dry?

chris hughtonFor a man that is known to speak a lot of hot air Robbie Savage has come out today and spoke rationally and reasonably. Savage brings our attention to the black clouds currently looming over Newcastle manager Chris Hughton’s head. Hughtons future seems uncertain considering other managers are being linked with his job and the board have only issued a short statement eluding that Hughtons situation will be clarified in the New Year.

Savage proclaims that “Newcastle’s treatment of Chris Hughton is out of order.” I would have to say that I agree with the former Wales international. Newcastle “United are ninth in the table and have scored more goals than anyone outside the top three. Their manager is turning Andy Carroll from a raw-boned kid into a man,” all the while showing real signs that he is the correct man to secure Newcastle’s Premier League status for another season.

The doubt that surrounds Hughton is completely unjustifiable. Hughton has done a fantastic job with United, taking a club that was in total disarray back to the Premier League at the first attempt is know small feat. A quarter of the season has come and gone and United also find themselves in the top half of the league. It seems obscure to think that Hughton is in any danger of losing his job.

Following the teams 4-0 loss to Arsenal in the Carling Cup the United board did release a short statement saying that “Chris is our manager and will remain our manager; it is our intention to renegotiate his contract at the end of the year.” Call me stupid but does this technically just mean that he is effectively being put on a two-month trial for his job. “What a joke. No wonder the bookmakers suspended betting on him being the next Premier League manager to go.”

This weekend Newcastle host bitter rivals Sunderland at St. James’ Park and it is thought that if the result is not a positive one for Hughton then he faces the axe. It’s a sad state of affairs when a young, gifted manager is sacked after two negative results. Robbie Savage and I are not alone in our thoughts, Steve Bruce Sunderland manager explains that “management, it is never easy, and what he has done at Newcastle, for someone who has never managed a club before, is outstanding.”

Hughton is gaining support right left and centre and as an outsider looking in it would certainly appear that Hughton maybe in the process of being hung out to dry. You would expect that having achieved what he has at Newcastle that common sense would prevail and the softly spoken Londoner would be left to carry on doing a great job. Common sense and football however do not always go hand in hand and you would hope that if Hughton was sadly to lose his job that there would be correct and valid reasons.

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