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Tottenham to fall victim to yet more foot in mouth?

Tottenham-captain-RobbieFootball FanCast guest columnist Des Thomas cannot understand why Keane didn’t keep his mouth shut ahead of Saturday’s derby.

You ask anyone who isn’t a supporter of Tottenham as to why they have it in for us so much, then it tends to follow the usual theme that we think we are better than what we are, always claiming this to be our year and they actually take great pride in seeing us fail. I am of the view though that most Spurs fans have grown wise to this and kept such talk under wraps, unfortunately our players and manager haven’t read such a script and have been teeing us up for a mighty fall.

I don’t know why we do it to ourselves and I always thought that it was wise for the playing staff or management team to play things down to take pressure of themselves, but not at Tottenham where I have counted no fewer than 5 players talking about us making the top four on top of Harry’s regular outbursts. I’m always a big believer that you should let your football do the talking; a view that it clearly lost on us.

What also annoys me beyond belief is when we, out of some brain-dead wisdom, choose to goad the opposition on the eve of big matches, which does nothing but present the opposing team managers with their respective pre-match team talk. Harry chose the perfect opportunity to play down Chelsea as a major force compared to the Manchester United’s of this world before our encounter at the Bridge, while our own captain Robbie Keane decided today that it was the perfect time to wind up Arsenal before the derby match by suggesting that we match up to them man to man and perhaps now in a position to overtake them. Absolutely crazy talk and if Arsenal players ever needed more motivation then this surely it is.

I don’t why we do it and why we never learn. I’m personally worried going to the Emirates without our three best players (certainly our biggest threats) in Modric, Lennon and Defoe, therefore we have one hell of a battle as it is without giving them any encouragement, but Keane’s foot in mouth has ensured that they have all that they need after today’s little media performance. One day they’ll learn their lesson.

Article title: Tottenham to fall victim to yet more foot in mouth?

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