Arguably The Premier League’s ‘Most Wasted’ XI

Whether your team is flying high at the top or slumming at the bottom it’s always difficult to watch events unfold from the substitutes bench or worse….the stands.

Nowaday’s you’ll often find £30 million strikers, talented midfielders and internationally acclaimed defenders picking splinters out of their backside as they sit slumped on the sideline moping over their lack of game time. On the odd occasion they’ll be broken from their slumber by the manager’s steely gaze ushering for them to whip their tracksuit off and prepare to enter the field of play only to realise he’s signalling for the man behind him to getY stripped. It’s a real American high school scenario!

Jokes aside it can be frustrating for players who feel they can offer something more than just thumb twiddling especially when those in the starting eleven are under performing. Even with the new 25-man squad ruling that forces managers to use their playing staff wisely over the campaign there are still individuals who find themselves unable to work their way into the first team reckoning.

In fact you could make an entire starting eleven out of players who’ve been poorly utilised by their clubs this season. So, thats exactly what we’ve done here at FootballFanCast.

Please cast your gaze at the The Premier League Wasted XI. Click on the man below to get started.

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