Arsenal fan’s Twitter attack backfires

Piers MorganAnybody who follows Piers Morgan on Twitter will be aware of his somewhat controversial opinions on Arsenal.

A win and a goal is tweeted with a ‘BOOOOM’ by Morgan, whilst any defeat is met with a #WengerOut within seconds of the final whistle, although Arsenal’s form of late means we haven’t seen any of those for a while.

Now Morgan doesn’t have Wenger or indeed his players to criticize for much (he still finds a way occasionally) he has taken to having a go at celebrity Arsenal fans who dared to criticize any players in the past.

Yesterday his target was TV and film producer Ben Winston, who Morgan decided deserved public stick for slagging off Olivier Giroud in his podcast last season.

But on this occasion, Twitter’s biggest Mr-Know-it-all was made to look a fool, as in fact Winston had been discussing Johan Djourou (with some justification you could argue).

Then for good measure, Winston turned the tables and found some of Morgan’s own Tweet’s from last season, which made pretty embarrassing reading.

“Any French followers seen Giroud play much? Beginning to seriously fear we’ve been sold another Chamakh-style dud. “.

“Not convinced by Giroud. At all. Got ‘The new Chamakh’ written all over him.

Despite all the usual rubbish he talks, it’s worth following Piers Morgan on Twitter for moments like this in which he is made to look a complete fool!

Piers Morgan 1

Piers Morgan 2