Arsenal striker scores a real life goal; Twitter goes into state of delirium

Danny Welbeck’s return to the side has saved the blushes of Olivier Giroud and the beautiful move he has finished off for Arsenal against Everton will have Gunners with minor title dreams once more.

Pass and pass and pass, the Wenger way, then score, it worked this once and they are all set up to sit back on the counter. At least an early goal saves us from the tedious Michael Owen on commentary and we can continue the admiration of John Stones – who has been left on the bench.

Unfortunately, this fan spoke slightly too soon.

United fans also had their chance to complain about something again – they’re not even playing today!

Is he better? Or just in form? Mmm, Giroud hate never goes away.

Apparently he is better – well, Arsenal Twitter says so.

Maybe Chelsea would’ve benefited from overpaying for a centre-back as well, too!

Fans love building someone up to knock them down and John Stones is the latest to face the wrath of Twitter.

Meanwhile, Welbeck is the flavour of the month!