Arsenal v Chelsea means one thing… FOOTBALL’S BACK!

That’s right people. The wait is over. This long summer of transfer rumour milling, feigning interest in any other activities that take place on a Saturday and relinquishing power of the remote control is over.

And what a curtain raiser it is. Arsenal face Chelsea in the Community Shield in what is sure to be an interesting insight into what this season holds for both sides.

Can ‘The Special One’ return Falcao to former glories? What does Petr Cech look like in red? Will Wenger ever get one over on Mourinho? And HOW EXCITED ARE YOU THAT FOOTBALL IS BACK!?

You can follow it all on our LIVE Blog HERE, but, in our joy at the return of the Beautiful Game, we also decided to compile a few reasons why this season is going to be the best ever. Enjoy.

Friday night football 

Picture the scene. You’ve had a hard week at work. It’s 5.30pm on a Friday. The weekend is here. You can’t wait for Saturday, but you’ll have a few drinks tonight.

You’re in the pub, you look past your mate’s shoulder onto the big screen. And there. In all its glory. Is Premier. League. Football.

There’s only one thing for it…

Harry Redknapp on BT Sport

Harry ‘I aint no f***ing wheeler dealer’ Redknapp has added another job to the list of things he can deny being by taking on a role at BT Sport.

Expect more fascinating insight from the man who brought you “no wonder he’s in the reserves” and “my wife could’ve scored that”.

It’s going to be genuinely competitive

You heard it here first folks, the top of the table is looking stronger than ever with all the big teams strengthening over the summer and in with a chance of fighting for silverware.

Chelsea are rightly the favourites, but Arsenal won’t be far behind (especially with the addition of a world class striker), LvG is notorious for returning to winning ways in his second season and you can’t rule out Man City either. Hell, maybe even Liverpool will have a go…

Loads of mental stuff will happen that no one can predict now because that’s not how time works

Yep. That’s pretty much it. And we’re going to enjoy every glorious, ridiculous, sexy minute of it…