Arsenal rumours just get worse and worse

Football FanCast guest columnist Tom Hemmings reacts to the Ljungberg to Arsenal rumours.

You have to give the Sun 10/10 for trying to cause a stir this morning, with the outlandish claim that Freddie Ljungberg maybe making a dramatic return to Arsenal in the MLS off-season. I know with the window shut it must be a quiet time, but surely they can do better than this.

It seems strange to me that for a manager who more than once has spelt out his philosophy and how he intends to shape his squad will suddenly realise that he made a huge mistake in letting two of his ‘invincibles,' that were past their best at the club anyway, and let them return to his first team squad. Are we going to wake up to news in the Sunday tabloids of us making a move for Pires, or try and prevent Jens Lehmann from retiring? It is becoming laughable and if Wenger didn't think that Viera was worth bringing back in the summer, then why the hell would he move for Ljungberg?

We all know the ploy of these stories and judging by the Rio Ferdinand piece alongside it, they must be struggling with their Saturday sales. You would think with the X Factor and the impending Strictly Come Dancing series they would have enough to fill their pages, rather than try and lead Arsenal fans into a merry dance. Perhaps if they ran with the story that Ljungberg may well use us as a training base as he attempts to maintain his fitness like Beckham did for a time at Arsenal, it would be far more plausible than suggest a playing deal is possibly in place.