Arsenal’s £5m cushion that will soften any potential blow

FanCast columnist
is disappointed
in Cesc's recent outbursts and feels that if the Spaniard does see the need to
move on then the emergence of Aaron Ramsey, will more than cushion the blow.

Arsene Wenger must go home at night and wonder what
he ever has done over the years to deserve the constant backbiting and plain
lack of respect that he continually gets from his players. It is all wrong,
totally unjustified and maybe those disgruntled individuals should reflect on
how and why they got to a certain level of performance instead of criticising
the man who is solely responsible in turning them into top class players.

I will be honest that I was hugely surprised and
incredibly disappointed with Cesc Fabregas words this morning and feel the
Spaniard was out of line. What is it about footballers when they go on
international duty that they just feel the need to open up and let their views
be known? Cesc obviously decided the minute he linked up with the Spanish squad
that it was time to express his great love of Barcelona FC and to slam Wenger –
whose vision and philosophy for success is clearly not shared.

I believe that there was a lot of truth in what Cesc
said and I think most Arsenal fans were probably nodding their heads in
agreement, but to what benefit is it to the football club in him making his
views public? Wenger needs everyone pulling in the same direction so we can
bring some long overdue silverware to the club, but now his talisman has
decided to break ranks and cause some likely ill feeling. Quite what Wenger
will make of the comments will no doubt be revealed in Friday's press
conference, but I'm sure they will have perturbed the ‘professor' considerably.

So were these reports in the past two weeks just a
simple attempt by the Spaniard to force his way out of the football club and
secure a dream move to Barcelona? Trying to angle a move, like Hleb and
Adebayor did this summer, via the press doesn't sit well with me and would
happily wash my hands of a player who shows a blatant lack of respect for the
football club and the manager at the helm. No player is bigger than Arsenal and
if he is having grave doubts about the philosophy that his manager is adopting,
then there is clearly only one way this sorry situation will lead. It will
break my heart to see Cesc ever leave the football club, but you cannot cross
that line of authority.

I don't know what my fellow Arsenal fan feels about
Cesc, but I really cannot see how his views are helpful to our cause. I feel if
a player is discontented then there is little that can be done to remedy the
situation. Wenger has to decide whether to back down on his policy in January
and go out and bring some established heads in the hope of appeasing Cesc and
to be honest a fair few supporters, or accept that the Spaniard wants out and
promote Aaron Ramsey to the first team to take the reins from Cesc. The
Welshman was absolutely superb Tuesday night and opened most people's eyes of
what all the hype was about in the summer around this £5m wonder kid from
Wales. If Fabregas was to leave it will tough hit for Arsenal fans to take, but
I feel the potential of Ramsey will certainly go a long way in cushioning that

Article title: Arsenal’s £5m cushion that will soften any potential blow

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