Arsenal star finally wakes up and smells the coffee

Football FanCast guest columnist Pete Webber is
glad that Van Persie has realised that he needs to contribute more, in terms of

I have always found Robin van Persie something of an
enigma at Arsenal, who continues to confuse me, and a player I am forever
trying to work out.

The Dutchman is an extremely talented footballer
that can never be questioned, but for a player who appears arrogant and brash
at times, he does seem to lack confidence in his game and fails to realise what
a top class striker he could actually be. I was pleased to read yesterday in
the Evening Standard that Van Persie is acutely aware that he should be
perhaps scoring more goals

Van Persie as a striker really has no weakness
to his game and should easily be contributing 25+ goals every season. Whether
it is a psychological block that he has, I don't know, but he should certainly
be the main man upfront, our fox in the box, as he has all the attributes to be
one of the best and most prolific strikers in the country – maybe he isn't
greedy enough and perhaps that is something that Wenger needs to address.

Van Persie, whilst accepting that he needs to
score more, did claim that it is perhaps beneficial to share the goals out
around the team, as we are not so reliant on the strikers as a result. Whilst I
accept that argument and history shows that the likes of United and Chelsea
have shared the goals around the team, the fact of the matter is that at least
one, if not two of their strikers scored over 20 odd goals to supplement it as
well and therefore it is something we need to replicate at the Emirates and we
need to be far more ruthless in the final third and stop trying to score the
picture goal all the time.