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Arsenal transfer rumours hit a new low point

FanCast guest columnist
Sid Chambers sees Arsenal transfer
rumours hot a new low.

Fleet Street must be a lonely place at this time of
the season.

As we know gone are the days when football actually
gets reported, editorial pieces fill up the column inches and the sports news
in a Sunday newspaper use to take a lot longer than the 20mins to sieve through.
Rumours are now the way to entice readership, no matter how outlandish they

It always amazes me where they get their stories
from, who are these insiders and supposed sources and how they know exactly what
a club is planning to do, and who they are going to buy, when there is some two
and half months to go until the next transfer window opens. Perhaps they don't
realise that Arsenal and buying players is very must a past-time these days and
the likelihood of it happening is close to zero.

Still it didn't stop our friends at the NOTW who brought the sensational scoop
that Arsenal are planning to buy 20-year-old Jack Collison, as the ideal
partner for Cesc Fabregas. Yep that's right guys of all the top partners we
have been aiming for like Felipe Melo, Blaise Matuidi or Daniele Di Rossi,
Arsene has apparently seen Collison as the ideal target and we will need to pay
in the region of £15m to secure his services – a bargain I think you'll agree,
especially for a player who has played just 25 league games for West Ham in two

I don't mean to be disrespectful to Collison, who will
probably turn out to be a decent Premier League midfielder, but the perfect
foil for Fabregas and good enough for a club like Arsenal…this surely represents
a new low in the rumour mill.

So where do you think they get their inspiration for
their rumours, is it simply a random select button, close their eyes and point
at a squad list, or have they exerted themselves even further by thinking
Wenger has a penchant for good young players and did their usual 2+2=5?

It is absolutely tedious, pointless in fact and it
highlights the shambles that the Press has become. The broadsheets are just as guilty
these days and it is just a shame that they don't get back to sensible football
writing, which I am sure they get paid handsomely to do – surely they must have
some pride in their craft…don't they?

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Article title: Arsenal transfer rumours hit a new low point

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