Arsenal’s BFG gets sent off; Twitter goes into meltdown

Arsenal’s lumbering German was out-paced by Diego Costa in the first half at the Emirates and the Arsenal fans were left fuming at Per Mertesacker’s poor judgement and lack of pace.

The Spanish striker made a few tumbles once he had been taken down but the red card was never in question as the Arsenal defence was caught well up the pitch once more. Fortunately, for our entertainment, Mertesacker’s red card means we get the pleasure of seeing Diego Costa versus Gabriel once more, after their spat earlier in the season.

Here are some of the more ridiculous tweets..

Both pointless and stupid, that really is mean.

Once more, Piers is out of touch with Costa’s return to form..

Brutally, its not long until the BFG will be up against the best.

Bit of optimism that it was a dive, it was as stupid as it gets from the German, wasn’t it?

Quite a lot will probably agree with this guy’s shout about inflicting pain on friendly Diego.

Costa just doesn’t really get all that fussed about upsetting people, does he?

It could be a long afternoon for Arsenal fans as their side prepares to choke again.