Arsenal’s quest for FA Cup glory was always a bad compromise anyway

No Premier League title in 12 years is really starting to get under the skin amongst the Arsenal family of players, board members and most importantly, the fans.

Manager Arsene Wenger is now coming under increasing pressure, and after 20 years in charge, a growing number are beginning to feel like the marriage should be ended. His reluctance to splash the cash on a centre midfielder that can emulate the magnificent Patrick Vieira and his arrogance to say their is no top class striker on the market for him to sign is beginning to take its toll.

Despite the North Londoners lack of success in England’s top flight as well as unsuccessful attempts to get beyond the last 16 of the Champions League, Arsenal’s FA Cup form is really quite sensational. For the past two years, the Gunners players have walked those Wembley steps – looking down at their own supporters and lift the FA Cup. Now, even a win today would surely be scant consolation given how their season has fallen apart over the last few weeks.

The Gunners are the undisputed kings of the FA Cup, but the importance of the old trophy is decreasing at a frightening rate. Arsenal fans will surely feel an FA Cup scalp will not prove they have had a successful season. They’ll look to Manchester City and Liverpool, even Leicester and Tottenham who have taken to fielding weakened sides in the competition in order to look further afield for even greater glory.

The banner which said ‘thanks for the memories Arsene, but it’s time to go’, in Arsenal’s fifth round reply away at Hull City is a statement that the fans want more than just FA Cup glory, they want to be competitive in the Premier League and the Champions League, something that recent results has made very difficult if not nigh on impossible. Glory in the cup was always going to be a bad compromise anyway.