Arsenal’s top 10 ‘Most Shocking’ kits of all time…in my view!

London is a city that is forever pushing the boundaries of fashion, which is perhaps why Arsenal football club have seriously been pushing the boundaries of what can be determined as an acceptable football kit over the past thirty years or so.

Along with the club’s illustrious history of league titles and domestic trophy wins, comes a long standing tradition of having some rather questionably designed footy jerseys to send their top stars out to play in.

To think style icon Thierry Henry, Mr. “Je ne sais quoi” himself used to perform in some of these fashion faux pas week after week in the Premier League is truly shocking, as many of these kits would be more at home in a 90’s rave, the Tate modern or perhaps even a distopian future.

It’s difficult to quite put your finger on how any of these kits actually came into existence, or even how the designer came up with such crazy ideas, but unfortunately they have, and now stood the test of time, we can look back in horror and awe at the attrocious football shirts that the Gunners wore on a regular basis back in the day.

Some are fashion howlers, others consist of the most bizarre patterns known to man, and a few are quite simply awful.

So protect your eyes, peer through the gaps in your fingers and check out the top ten worst ever Arsenal FC kits ever to be worn by the London club.

Click on Thierry Henry to check out Arsenal’s worst ever fashion faux pas!

Thierry Henry

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