Ask Tottenham Legend: Steve Sedgley

When Paul Gascoigne concedes that when it comes to wind ups and practical jokes he isn’t in the same league; you know he must be talking about an extraordinary character.

I dread to think how the likes of Mabbutt and Lineker were able to survive away trips with Gazza and next weeks guest on the Tottenham Football FanCast Steve Sedgley sleeping in the next room.

It was clearly never dull place in the Tottenham camp in the early 90s and it wil be great to have the man telling a few anecdotes of what use to go on at away trips and a the club in general.

The Tottenham PodJockeys have given you the opportunity to submit questions that you may want to ask Steve Sedgley, like what is the truth about the dead pigeons on the WHL pitch? Who was the best player he ever played with and is there any truth in the rumours that Gary Lineker farts smelt like perfume?

Dont forget to tune into the show Monday for the exclusive interview with Tottenham legend Steve Sedgley in a show which I think will be appreciated by all football fans.