At £25m is it time for Arsene Wenger to cut the apron strings?

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Kevin Jones is sick to the
back teeth of Adebayor and will be delighted to see the back of him in the

If there is one thing that I find extremely disconcerting
about Arsenal football club is the way we have failed to learn our lessons from
last year. Every given week we had players coming out courting the media and
subsequently talking about their admiration for other clubs and bemoaning life
at the Emirates and our ambitions going forward; 12 months on little has change
and I fully expect summer departures as a result.

You look at any top club in the Premier League and
not one of them allows the players to speak out against the club. Sure you get
your odd loose cannon like Drogba, but everyone else is respectful of their
club and goes through the proper channels if they want out. At Arsenal it is a
free for all where the likes of Gallas, Clichy, Adebayor van Persie and even
Cesc have talked about other clubs and their admiration and being flattered at their
apparent interest. Hardly the kind of message that they should be sending out
to the club and it makes you wonder why a gagging order isn't placed on them.

Of course some are worst than others and we all know
who the main perpetrator is and that's Adebayor. He has that classic agent who
happily courts the media when his client is away on International duty so Ade is
not around to answer to the club and talks about apparent interest. Apparently
AC Milan are the interested party this time and are prepared to pay in the
region of £25-30m for him.

No doubt Adebayor on his return he will plead ignorance
to where the stories have come from and pledge his loyalty to the club; however
I have reached the point with him where I couldn't care less anymore and will
happily sell him on if the Italians or Barcelona came calling with sizeable bids.
I get the impression that he believes he is bigger than the football club,
quite where he get's that from I know not. He has been abysmal this season, not
even half the player he was last season and his failings in front of goal has
been significant in the amount of points we have thrown away this season.

So do Arsenal fans agree with me that it's time to grant
the player his obvious wish and look to cash in during the summer? And do you
also share my view that the club should attempt to instil some discipline in
the club and stop players talking openly in the media, which I believe is
having a destabilising and negative effect on the football club.

Article title: At £25m is it time for Arsene Wenger to cut the apron strings?

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