Bad player or badly treated at Anfield?

Milan Jovanovic

Milan Jovanovic on paper could have been a great signing for Liverpool. The Serb arrived at Liverpool last summer, when Rafa Benitez was still the manager, with a reputation as an experienced international and a quick player who could play on the wing or up front. However, things haven’t worked out at Liverpool and he has hardly featured under Kenny Dalglish. But is Jovanovic a bad player or has he just been badly treated?

I don’t think with the reputation Jovanovic has, he could be accused of being a bad player. But maybe he just doesn’t fit into the vision for Liverpool that Kenny Dalglish has. Different managers have different ideas on players. In fact this is something Jovanovic has alluded to himself by stating “Liverpool is a club which you can’t refuse; my only regret is that the coach who brought me to Anfield left the club before my arrival.”

“If Rafa Benitez would have stayed at Liverpool I believe everything would be different for me.”

However, there may be more to this than simply a different opinion on a player from one manager to another. It appears Jovanovic might be a bit of a bad egg, the interview he gave to the Daily Mail suggests that the team spirit at Liverpool might be better off after he leaves in the summer.

Jovanovic said “Liverpool is such a different place. I’m here alone, without anybody. I’m just a very lonely stranger.”

“If I wouldn’t have my wife and my kids I just couldn’t speak Serbian with anybody.”

Comments like this doesn’t suggest that this is a player willing to stay and fight for his place – but rather someone who quits when things get tough. It may well be that it was this kind of attitude that meant that Kenny Dalglish was reluctant to use him in games. It is understandable that Liverpool feel they want players that are up for the fight and wouldn’t want to use players that they feel are less reliable. But it appears that he hasn’t settled in England, so maybe Liverpool was just the wrong club for him.

So has Jovanovic been treated badly or is he just a bad egg who can’t be relied on? Attitude is very important in the game today – so players should not be involved if theirs isn’t right.

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