Bad luck comes in threes…unless your Tottenham Hotspur

Football FanCast guest columnist Niall O'Donovan will be devastated to see Fabian Delph leave his beloved Leeds.

You can forgive a Leeds fan for feeling slightly peeved at Tottenham Hotspur, especially as the North Londoners seem to plunder our best talent. It is like we have become their feeder club all of a sudden and it's extremely frustrating to say the least.

Losing Lennon all those years back was a real body blow and in hindsight has proven to be daylight robbery when you assess how much he is now probably worth. Last season he really came into his own and is now arguably the finest right winger in the country and should certainly be given the nod ahead of Walcott by Capello.

Danny Rose is another quality youngster, who certainly has the potential to be better than Lennon once he is given a run in the side. He has been hampered by injury but there is no doubting that when fit he will prove absolute dynamite for club and country. I don't think Spurs fans yet realise what a talent they possess in Rose, but it won't take long if Redknapp decides to give him the opportunity.

Like most bad things they tend to come in threes and with reports suggesting that Spurs are likely to sign Fabian Delph they are robbing us of the academy's crown jewel. I understand that a huge part of deciding to cash in on him is so we can buy back our training ground and academy complex, but his loss will be huge and leave us with a gaping hole to fill. Player's like Delph don't come around very often and for a mere £6m in today's market is an absolute travesty of justice and when you add that to the £2m or so quid that they spent on Rose and Lennon, then we as a football club have been shafted good and proper by Spurs. They thought that they got lucky with the other two; wait until you see Fabian Delph.


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