Barton on Politics, Rio’s new wheels & the life of Giuseppe Rossi

Twitter – the Premier League footballer’s favourite toy. It’s like a drug they’re addicted to. Go a day without tweeting and you get severe withdrawal symptoms.

There’s not a minute when Joey Barton isn’t on Twitter, and this week is no exception. Twitter has revealed, there is seemingly more than meets the eye to Barton. Not only does he still pick fights on the pitch, he also likes to quote Nietzsche and the QPR Captain certainly gets people talking, when he isn’t chatting himself that is!

In this week’s Twitter Report, ex Manchester United striker Giuseppe Rossi is watching a film, QPR midfielder Joey Barton is thinking about going into politics and England defender Rio Ferdinand has bought a new car.

Here’s what the trio have been tweeting about…
[ffcvideo file=’Twitter_Report’]