Become the ultimate couch potato footy fan!

Every week millions of us do everything we can to catch a glimpse of the latest football matches. Whether we support a Premier League giant, follow a team in the Championship through thick and thin or never miss a minute of your Football League club’s encounters, we can’t get enough footy. Those who are lucky enough will have a season ticket so that we can scream on our beloved football club from the stands, while many of us have to be content with the coverage offered on the telly at our local. But now football fans can head online and enjoy the experience of being in the crowd on their very own couch!

Virgin Media’s Sofa Stadium does just that. No longer do you have to travel up and down the country and fork out hundreds of pounds to experience the brilliant atmosphere that is a being in the crowd at a football match. Now you can boo, cheer and jeer from the comfort of your own home while you’re watching footy on the box. If you’re disgusted by one of the Premier League’s foreign imports rolling around on the floor, shouting expletives at your TV won’t help, although it might make you feel better! Instead jeer them on this footy app and be heard as the rest of your fans rise to their feet to boo the diving player in question.

As well as cheering and jeering, you can also check out match statistics, vote on player performance and refereeing decisions with a click of your mouse and see what your fellow fans think. Alongside real-time voting, you can engage with the rest of the fans and enjoy footy banter usually reserved for the pub. Social networking is also brought to the fore as you can see what people are saying about the game on Twitter through Tweet Watch and have comments posted straight to social networks such as Facebook.

Best of all, Virgin Media’s Sofa Stadium is freely available to anyone with an internet connection. So say goodbye to obstructed views, overpriced car parking, cold weather and dodgy grub; and instead head to your trusty PC. No more shouting at the TV screen, you can now vent your spleen in a social space. Sing and cheer as though you’re in the terraces, just remember that victories are sweet, but defeats are just as heartbreaking for the armchair fan as they are for a footy crowd!

The Sofa Stadium online app can be accessed at now!